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We have compiled a series of answers to your most frequently asked question, here and in our Facebook groups. We hope you can find the answer you are lookign for. If your question is not answered here, feel free to contact us via our Contact page, or through our groups: White Belt Mafia and Blue Belt Mafia

[kleo_accordion] [kleo_accordion_item title=”What if I am a white belt?”] Joining the mafia as a white belt is completely fine! You may not join the Blue Belt Mafia Facebook group, but you can join the White Belt Mafia Facebook group! Once you have promoted, you can request to join the Blue Belt Mafia Group. However, the website forums are open to all ranks. It will help if you stay within your rank so you can get more accurate solutions to your problems or concerns. [/kleo_accordion_item] [kleo_accordion_item title=”I only train NoGi/Wrestling. I’m advanced but never ranked”] Unfortunately, we can’t confirm your level of experience unless you have been traditionally and formally promoted by a black belt who supervised your progress over a length of time. Our White Belt Mafia Facebook group is open to all, however, you must be a blue belt or higher to join our Blue Belt community. The website is open to all! You may feel more comfortable in our website forums when discussing with higher belts.[/kleo_accordion_item] [kleo_accordion_item title=”Where do you get your products from?”] We try our hardest to only work with USA-based manufacturers. Hence why they are not in the low end of price as you have seen other products online. We do this becasue we feel our customers value a prompt delivery more than a cheaper price. Some manufacturers from Pakistan or China take 2 to 3 months to ship their products out. Our patches are custom made and require extra time to make since they are made specifically for us and in set quantities. Please allow yourself some time to wait for these.[/kleo_accordion_item] [kleo_accordion_item title=”Who runs the Blue Belt Mafia?”] The main creator is a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Green Belt in Judo. Also a Judo competitor and former Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitor. We also have two other Black Belts (a Pedro Sauer Black Belt and a Vinny Magalhães Black Belt). We also have other Brown Belts, Purple Belts, Blue Belts, and a White Belt. We try to keep our admin community diverse so they can provide as much accurate guidance as they can based on their own experiences.[/kleo_accordion_item] [/kleo_accordion]
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